23 October
Today I got very far on my game by making my state land cards, tokens, and trojan horse card. A habit of mind I used was persisting because I kept forgetting to add dots and names of states that weren't already on the board, I did this by using text boxes and circles to do this.

Today Solomon and Mike got their game tested by Mr.Klenner. He said we had to type our whole instructions again with heaps more writing because our game was quite complicated, but in a good way. So the instructions needed detail. Mike got pictures for the tokens, while Solomon typed up the new rules (which was quite hard). we are felling good about our game - we think it is coming along really well. We were persisting typing up the instructions because it was super duper hard but we didn't give up.
by Solomon and Mike

Today Sophie, Paris and I made a new board for our game we stuck on lots of stars and made 3D planets . We made them 3D by putting paper springs which Sophie made. We put them underneath the planets. We think we did great because it looks great and we got lots done. We worked well as a team because we had a job each. We put our skills together and got the job done. The habit of mind we used was applying past knowledge to create the springs, we were also creating and imagining in the way we put the board together. By Max, Sophie and Paris.

Today for our game we wrote some more questions (16 which makes 30 altogether to be exact) and we wrote the instructions (Eat Food, Have A Drink etc.) on the squares of the board. Mr K tested our game with us and as a result we changed the rules of how you win (by having at least one of each type of survival token when you reach the finish). We also need to make a new spinner because the old one we made didn't spin smoothly enough.

We Responded with Wonderment and Awe when we were getting facts about Mars because we thought they were really interesting and we learned lots of new things.
By Tobias and Paxton

Today Annelise enjoyed making her game-board for Haunting Halloween. The Habit of mind
she used was persisting when she kept on going, watching and testing her game.
Vinnie enjoyed doing chess Vinnie used the computer. Vinnie and Annelise

Today I almost finished my game and it got tested. Now I've only got to write the instructions.

The Habits of Mind I used were Persisting and Striving for Accuracy for making the board.
by Adam

Today I finished off my board game, the final copy. I tested my prototype with Mr. K and Vinnie - it worked well. I then made my main board. It looks good. I have all the rest of my game sorted except for my instructions which I have drafted and will type out next week. Then I will be finished my game!! I used persisting when my board didn't work. I didn't measure my printed copy accurately enough and I had to redo it, twice!! I got there in the end. Then I returned the favour to Vinnie by testing his game for him. It seems to work fine. I also helped Adam - testing his too. He has a wee way to go to get finished!

By Lily.

Today I made more question cards for my game. I made eleven new ones. The habit of mind I used was persisting because I stuck with it even though I was keen to give up. I also got to talk with a student teacher, Miss Kennedy. She knew quite a lot about the Titanic as well! Her and I are both passionate about the Titanic. It was good to met someone else who had my passion.

By Liam.

Term 4 Day One
today we enjoyed our passion projects. Adam finished his slide show and Ben started a new topic on building.
We found our passion project was hard also Adam struggled to find enough info about medieval castles and Ben struggled to find enough cool pictures for his building slide show.
The habit of mind they used was persisting.
by Adam and Ben.

We enjoyed Talent Time/ Passion Project. We helped Solomon make his Julius Ceasar video. Tobias continued his Russian project reviewing the numbers 1-20 and learning some of the days of the week and Mike completed his letter to Nintendo.
Our most challenging part was when we played John at chess because he's really good and has HEAPS and HEAPSof experience.
The habit of mind we used was Thinking Interdependently when we played chess against John because had to try and get the best move possible by telling each other what we had in mind.
By Tobias & Mike

Today I enjoyed doing my passion project when i was making a movie about Julius Caesar.
I found chess challenging when I was playing Paxton at chess.A habit of mind I used was questioning and posing problems when I was
making a script for my movie.by Solomon.

Today I enjoyed making my game when i was making my instructions.
Today I found it challenging when I was playing chess against the computer
A habit of mind I used was striving for accuracy when i was doing my song at play and lunch.By Meaghan Christensen.

  • Today we enjoyed testing our games. Our games seem to be successful.
  • We found challenging the brainstorm.
  • A habit of mind we used for brainstorming was thinking interdependently.
  • By Liam & Paxton

Today at pakiki kids,

We enjoyed testing and making instructions for our games.

The games we tested and made instructions for were Haunting Halloween

& Planet Panic. The thing we found most challenging was the belief brainstorm

when we had to write down things that some people believed, & some people didn't

believe. The Habit of Mind we used was persisting when we were about to give

up but we kept on going writing the rules for the games.
By Paris and Annelise!!!

Today Vinnie and Tane enjoyed, playing chess Vinnie had a stalemate. Tane found being almost to tired to do his work in the morning challenging. Vinnie found remembering and calculating numbers challenging.
-Tane and Vinnie

Today we enjoyed chess. Marshall played a consultation game with John and Max lost to Paris. Max enjoyed getting his questions ready for his space study and found some answers. We found out that the universe is 150 billion light years big (we think)

We found challenging writing the instructions for the games and trying to think about consequentialism. Max thinks it is a pretty good way to decide if an action is good or not.

A habit of mind we used was persisting to find a question about a solar system(Max) and Marshall applied past knowledge to new situations for belief systems and beliefs of the Ancient Athenians.
Marshall and Max

Today we enjoyed doing our passion projects. Sophie is doing origami and Lily is writing a story. Sophie found chess challenging against Tane and LIly found Liam's game quite hard. Sophie used remaining open to continuous learning when she was finding out about the origins of origami and Lily used persisting when she was stuck on her passion project.
Lily and Sophie