17th October

Kia ora all welcome to term 4.

As part of our progress in thinking about ourselves as learners term 4 has the students planning some of their own day. THis year they have a planning sheet which outlines the learning activities we are doing at the moment. The students write out their next step for each area and then get each part signed by me. They are encouraged to make their next steps very specific. This is a challenge for many who tend to write things like "finish my ......" Part of this process is intended to help them analyse and recognise the small steps that go into successfully completing a project. They then decide which area they are going to work on at which time. This can also be demanding for some students. They have to think about external demands (like sharing night!) and internal motivations when they make their decisions about how to utilise their time. The self-planning covers our learning time from about 9/9:15 till 12:00 when John arrives for chess. In the afternoon we will continue to have philosophical discussions and do other whole group learning. Most of the students were keen on setting their own plans today but of course I was available to set days for students who felt not quite ready for this level of self-management; to aid those who felt ready but needed some assistance in defining next steps; and to those who needed help deciding how to balance their time. Many of the students made w choices in their learning activities based on how far through particular projects they were. Those that needed more attention were worked on first. Some decided to work on one thing for the whole time leaving more time for working on other projects on different days. Consequently many kids made good progress. Jamie, Jack, Jayden, Jacob, Tane, Paolo, Lucy, Sophie, Noah H and Noah O all made good degrees of progress on their gifted person study. Jack, Jamie, Paolo, Tane, Caitlin and Noah H made particularly good progress with many of them determined to finish this today so they could spend whole mornings on their talent time. Other students who felt their gifted person study was already well advanced finished their symbolic pattern - Marshall, Te Awa, Xanthe and Tane all made good progress here. Maia and Odette spent the morning on their talent time - A Pakiki Kids documentary/news item. Chess looked at ways to achieve a draw. In the afternoon, as part of a caring thinking focus in term four, we started exploring emotions. We set up a Venn diagram on thoughts and emotions and tried to make distinctions between the two, as well as noting similarities. While it was hot, and many of the students were a little restless after running around in the heat at lunch, once I was able to remind students to focus on community of inquiry techniques (like one person sharing at a time) we had a very rich and enjoyable discussion. As we discussed it became clear that there was much in common between the two concepts, though the way we experience them may be different. Many, but not all children, felt we could control our thoughts but had less or no control over our emotions. Others felt they were too similar to dissect neatly and that both thoughts and emotions were effectively uncontrollable reactions to certain stimuli. Many noticed a causal relationship between the two. Great thinking on a hot afternoon!

Cheers all,
till next week

19th September.

We had a few people away today with Polyfest on - I am sure they all enjoyed the experience. For the rest of us this morning started with a focus on our gifted person study. There are the persons childhood and achievements. The second examines the habits of mind they exhibitied and the third part asks the researcher to reflect on similarities and methods they might have noticed that can empower their own learning. We meet and discussed the different places we were at with our research, the kind of next steps we were taking, and then went about trying to achieve those. STudents who felt they still needed more information started with me. Lucy made good progress gathering achievements for Leonardo Da VinCi (there are plenty of them). Noah O showed good improvement in his notetaking skills while compiling achievements for the "father of nintendo games'. Noah worked very efficiently and managed to think and record some ideas about habits of mind that were shown. Jayden has valuable information about Einstein's childhood and is working on highlighting more achievements; Caitlin started to identify the habits of mind of the authosrs she is examining and thought about how she might set out her work. Jack recorded some thoughtful ideas about George Lucas' habits of mind and began to explore learning points he might take from his study. Noah H has a good amount of information on Newton and was compiling this into a presentation for his research. Maia and Odette also worked on this part of the study and both of them had their worked examined by me and have a series of quetsions to help guide them into some more depth in their research, including including their own judgments in relation to key points they had included. Marshall has completed most of his research and is now workin gon layout. In doing so he started to reflecto n what kind of balance between the 3 areas he wants to have. Sophie recorded 3 habits of mind she recognises in J.K. Rowling. Her next mission is to think - what might this tell me about my own learning? Jacob has begun comparing aspects of Hans Christian Anderson's life with his own, indicating similarities and differences. Jamie continued on his scratch animation with Abraham Lncoln. Jamie works with great persistenece creating on computer software. Today he invested some more time in gathering informaiton about Lincoln tso as to add detail to the animation he is creating and keep it informative and thoughtful, as well as entertaining.

After play we meet and discussed cultural patterns. We reflected on the themes and big ideas we had recognised in various cultural patterns we examined with our buddies. We then critiqued some of our own cultural pattern creations in light of these big ideas. Did ours reflect the kinds of themes we had noticed in our research? We noticed that they did include some of them and that we had multiple perspectives on the our interpretations of the pieces of art. Noah H was one of the artists whose work we examined. He sidestepped Odette's suggestion that he tell us what his actual intent was with the drawing. I liked that - the piece of art stays more alive when we leave it open to continual interpretation. We then had time to go and work on our own or choose one of the other activities - Po; pattern research, gifted study research, zendoodles and so on.

Chess rounded out the morning with a quick revision on some notation from John.

After lunch we started with a quick written stocktake of students' understandings of pattern generalisations then it was back to choice for the afternoon.

Well done team - a focused effort today.
Mr. K.

Today we did a sheet where we got to choose out of lots of things and I chose to do
po, I finished my comic creative which was showing how I'm creative using scratch. After I finished that I did my symbolic design, I finished my draft and then decided how I'm going to turn it into a pattern, I decided on a polyhedron, then I printed out a hexagonal prism net and started to fold it, I didn't get to tape it though. At the end of the day we got to choose to do scamper on a green shopping bag or on a common item in the class, I chose a chair, I got down lots of Ideas. Mrs Dow my normal teacher was here until lunch. Marshall

Today I played chess with tane and bet him about 8 times! thats a record for me in one afternoon I also made 2 scratches they are awesome I also made a couple games on the ipad it was great-paolo !!!!!!!

today i did a scratch cartoon about abe lincoln and worked on my march of the worms mr k told me about scamper i lost to noah at a game of chess i had fun today and cant wait till next week Jamie

This morning Maia and I showed are news episode to the class but Mr K asked people what we could work on and we didn't get to show the rest we need to:
- Have theme music
- not shake the camera
- And have a picture saying PK NEWS at the start.
throughout the day I worked on my PO game it is about asking questions but I don't think it's good so I am going to start a RANDOM JUXTAPISITION game. I bet Maia at chess and she mirrored all my moves untill I made a move that she had to sacrifice her queen for. I worked on my symbol- that was probably the hardest thing of the day. My symbol shows that I come from NZ that, I like nature, that I like music and that I like reading I show it in a way that makes it hard to tell. At the end of the day We did some SCAMPER. It was really hard.

Today I did Snippy and Bigmouth . Snippy is an Inland Taipan and Bigmouth is a hippo. We also did scamper (s=substitute C= combining a=adapt m=modify p=put to a different use e= eliminate r=rearrange).

Today I started my Po and did creative comic! I enjoyed doing the scamper activity. I am not looking forward to the brown folders.

Today I did my creative comic about a demon. It's title wasmoon and sun, I enjoyed doing the Illustrations. Xanthe helped me write the spelling. I'm not looking forward to the brown forward to the brown folders.
Te Awa

Today we did scamper which stands for substitute, cobmine, adapt, modify, put to another use, eliminate, rearange. I started whith a shopping bag and swapped handels for wheels and I added rocke boosters and a GPS. I made it change colour, made it stretchy and made it face up so shopping didn't come out.

I worked with Mrs Dow this morning. First I divided my story into chapters. Then I took the main idea from each chapter and decided on an image to match. some I chose were Emily, the evil guy and the werewolf. It was good working with Mrs Dow but I don't know why.

Today I created the characters for my comic Louce Cosline she has rain bow hair. Also I won a game of chess against Jacob.

Thursday 29th August 2013

Today was fun. Me and Jack played chess and I won but he was only using his knight, just one. I didn't eat any of my lunch except for my biscuits. I started and finished the back of my comic.

Today I focused on my book review and tryed to complete it and put it on this website, I completed by book review, but failed my mission to put it on the website unfortunatley, next week is Buddy Week and I hope I can put my book review on the website then.

Thursday 22nd August 2013

This morning we were off to the art gallery to work with the art educator, John. Our focus was on patterns and John showed us specific works around the gallery where pattern was important to the artist's message or technique. It was great to hear the kinds of questions John was using to get the kids thinking about the Ralph Hotere paintings we examined at the start. We discussed the idea of "unlocking what a painting has to say" when, e.g. looking at a work like Hotere's Sangro. This will be an important idea to keep when we turn to creating our own patterns to represent our family/selves/culture at the end of this unit. We heard how Hotere used his notebook to record important ideas he wanted to include in his composition (I have given all the Thursday crew a creativity notebook to record their own ideas - hopefully something goes in them!!). We talked about the importance of thinking about how we see when an artist considers their composition- is it a scene or is it a focused piece? What perspective does the artist want? What message is being portrayed? What choices does an artist make and why? Great stuff.

Then, we got to create some art using lizards as a center piece to explore the power that a pattern can have. Most of them are complete and on the wall for you to check out, the others are very close to completion. Looking awesome Thursday.

In the afternoon we read through a NZ Herald article on Nike and the hot water they got in over the use of Samoan tatau (tattoo) designs on their female sportswear range. Our discussion considered questions like " is it ok to appropriate iconic cultural patterns for profit? Can we share cultural patterns across cultures ever? When and for whom is it ok use other cultures ideas? Can we possess cultural ideas?" The class was pretty much unanimous that Nike were out of line, so I took the devil's advocate position and explored ideas around the dynamics of culture, shifts in tradition, changes in what counts as sacred using e.g. shifts in the roles and rights of women, the demise in the 'sacredness' of holy days like Sunday, traditions around what different genders can and cannot wear, and the institution of marriage. The students were honest and thoughtful in their responses and I have to admit I don't think I changed any minds. Xanthe was particularly awesome in constructing and consistently maintaining a well thought out position that included these points (i) cultural protocols need to be followed; (ii) cultures tend to have room for change and different needs (e.g. patterns that are not sacred can be used e.g. for sportswear) and (iii) that cultural change ought to be made by people from within a culture. Other notable contributions in our discussion came from Jacob, Caitlin, Odette, Maia, Fergus, Lucy and Jamie; but Xanthe was the star of the show. Great fun and great thinking team.

At the same time as we held our discussion many students were busy finishing their lizard patterns - multitasking, too easy :)

A fun day Pakiki Thursday, l'm looking forward to the next one already :)

Tofa soifua,
Mr. K... Scott

today we went to the art gallery and we talked about lots of patterns .we also discussed if one country's pattern is allowed for another countries.

Thursday 15th august 2013

Today we started off by looking at some zentangle stuff by Mooka , we used this to design our notebooks. We then had to write a tiny report on our gifted person. After morning tea, Maia and I filmed some pakiki news

Today I learnt what other people thought about art. I decided there is no definition of art. I also got some images for my creativity notebook. FERGUS

Today I finished typing up my Martin Luther King study. I enjoyed philosophy but I learnt that art is very confusing. I beat Fergus at chess! I also made 2 games on game maker. I cam up with the habits of mind I came across on my gifted person study. I worked with Te Awa on this and go things finished. XANTHE

Today we had a big discussion about what is art and like if a robot copied art perfectly would it be art? We also did Zendoodling and my and Jayden searched up on google images and found a zentangle octopus. We finished drawing it. Mr. K said it was awesome. I learnt that zentangles are tricky but I did some good ones. NOAH O

Today was a good day but it wasn't the best because someone was very annoying. I achieved a lot in the time we had including trying to finish my gifted person study. I learnt that I love researching. JAYDEN

Today I made my worm game and wrote a description about Abraham Lincoln. I beat Maia at chess and I learnt that Abraham Lincoln's father's name is Thomas. Worms are cool! JAMIE

Today I continued working on my scratch fame and I learnt that if you look at art in a philosophical way it gets very confusing so I recommend you don't do it! My sum up for what is art is it has to be original and creative. JACK

Today I learnt I am the best dressed student at Pakiki. I worked on my art today. I created Sagachu and Old Billy Farmer as part of my art portfolio. I am happy with Sagachu becuse I strove for accuracy in how good he looks!. TE AWA

I started my new passion project- a stop motion animation. I am basing mine on the Simpson's tree hous of horror series called War and Piece. In the afternoon we did a philosophy circle about what is art?! TANE

My favourite part of today was doodling in the creativity notebooks Mr. k gave us. I spent a lot of time doing my zendoodle. We learnt a new way called zentangles. I enjoy doodling because I enjoy art and doodling make s the time not boring. SOPHIE

Today we did a doodle warm up but we could also do a zentangle which me and Jack did. I versed Jack in chess but he gave up and Jayden took over but I still won. We did a philosophical circle and we had a big discussion about one which was is a porch art. I had to write my method for research that I did on my Messi study - I learnt that reflecting on your thinking that you did a term ago is pretty hard.

Today we started of drawing some zentagles for our note book cover. I did a Frangipani flower design then coloured it in using patterns. After that we had to write up our materials and methods for our gifted person study. After morning-tea Odette and I did some more on Pakiki News which was fun. We interviewed Jamie with his game on game maker and put some of the clips together. After lunch we did a philosophy circle dabating which things were art or if they were not art.

By Maia

Today I started "Creepily Deranged Robots and finished " A series of Unfortunate Heads". I played a game of chess with Polo and we couldn't decide who won, but it was me. NOAH. H

I learned that I am very simaler to hans Christian ANderson in that we both didn't hav ethe best time at school. JACOB

Thursday 8 August 2013
Today we started of drawing some Zen doodle designs by watching a clip on YouTube I drew up too many squares though! I used creating,imagining, and innovating by taking certain patterns and adapting to it so it was different. After morning-tea we did talent, but Odette and I were still doing our Zen Doodle patterns, then we went on to talent properly and I had a great idea to make a "Pakiki News" (filmed). So we wrote down some ideas of what to do and then wrote some questions down so Odette could interview John after chess. During chess I filmed some short clips of Mr K and Marshall with the video camera.
Next week Odette and I will edit the "Pakiki News" and will hopefully share it with the class!
By Maia //

Today I watched a patterns video - how to do zendoodles. I never really like to copy but it was good to watch the videos for ideas. Then I created more of my fantasy creatures. Mr. K has challenged me to include more detail to my creatures and maybe use some of the ideas I got from the zendoodle. I worked on these almost all day. I did start to add more detail like skin features and detail on hats and things they are holding. I produced a huge amount of characters today for my gallery exhibition. Mr. K says I was very fluent with my creating. TE AWA

Today we did a warm up which basically turned into a lesson, it was about making a zendoodle, I'm nearly finished with only 4 squares left. In chess I played dad with Jack and Jayden was on dad's team but unfortunately for me Jack left half way through but then John (our tutor) helped me and I won.

Today we made art in steps in the morning. We had a grid and we could draw anything in the squares. I used the habits of mind of apllying past knoweldge to new situations bu using what I knew about drawing. Then I used creating, imagining and innovating. I scrunched it up to make it look old and small and I do like the effect. Later I got to read for my next book review. In the afternooon I created a news report with Sophie and Lucy to educate the class about meander and how it might be used in patterns. We used finding humour and communicating clearly to get our message across. CAITLIN

I started the day drawing zendoodles. Then I planned my talent project with Mr. K. It is a problem solving project using lego and thinking about things that have a purpose. For fun I am also looking at the Japanese art of useless inventions(chindogu). I took some notes on the purpose of inventing and started thinking of differrent designs for my own chindogu. FERGUS

Today I started a Series of Unfortunate Heads. I made the first which is a guy called Gaff Finnick with a Thompson machine gun and a really big head. I used finding humour when I made the big head and the teddy bear hands. Then Mr.k said that I need to have a mentor if I want to learn a programming language. Then he gave us all a notebook for our creative ideas and I decorated the cover of mine. Then Marshall and I did a piece of paper that explains what a mosaic is.


Today I did a zendoodle drawing. It was a series of cool patterns. I borrowed ideas from a video Mr. K showed and created my own. Paolo beat me in chess. I made a cool cover for my creating notebook. I was going to use my zendoodles but ended up cutting pieces of coulour out and making a oloured shape pattern suing four sided shapes. Mr. K said it was very "modern". We didn't fit in philosophy, but we learnt about categories of visual art patterns like meanders, fractals and spheres. And I started typing up my Martin Luther king study. - Xanthe

Today we looked at zendoodles. I created four patterns. I used creating, imagining and innovating by taking certain patterns and adapting them so they were different. I combined different ideas to make a new pattern. I was persistent and strived for accuracy with my patterns. SOPHIE

I created an awesome zendoodle. I enjoyed making them. Today I also created a scratch animation describing what a meander is as part of our patterns learning. A clam stops eating a unicorn to explain what a meander is and where the word came from. I definitely used creating and innovating in my learning today. JAYDEN

I worked on a pattern today using the zendoodle ideas that Mr. K showed us on video. I created one that can be looked at one way and you see one thing then you turn it upside down adn you see something else. Mr. K says that was a good moment of originality. For my talent I gave up on my animation and am turning the story into a comic strip instead. I wrote a breif summary of how the story starts. Naturally, it is about unicorns. Today i started to make a comic book it is about a unicorn princess named Lonacostine she and her best friend LilyRose were sent away from there home town when they were 3 years old. Then they have to make there way back and remember the past to over through the evil Lord Pimple-Wort. In the afternoon I made a news report with Sophie, and Caitlin to tell the others what a meander is. WE aimed for finding humour and communicating clearly. I am waiting to find out who was the most creative educator. (There is a marshmallow up for grabs). LUCY

I was very careful making my zendoodle patterns. I adapted some of the ideas on the video. Odette and I are creating a news report for our talent. It is all about Pakiki Kids. We are developing our script writing, camera, and advertisement writing. We might even fit in some maths - we are planning to take a survey on Mr. K's anger levels. Our question is "is Mr. K angrier than last year?" MAIA

I tried t find out information and think of new questions for my Leviathan study. Mr. K helped me brainstorm better questions and gave me thing ao think about. I didn't find much out but Mr. K showed me how to change my search terms. I need to remember not to ask google questions. I have more imagnination at drawing patterns from playing with zendoodles this morning. In the afternoon I made a sphere poster "the march of the worms" and I startd creating a game about the worms on gamemaker as well. JAMIE

Today i fought Xanthe at chess she got DEFEATED!!!!!! I was awesome at it then i made a game on my doodle game it is awesome!!!! PAOLO

Thursday 1 August
Today our main focus was creativity (and patterns). So we started the morning off by creating a pattern. Mine had 3D cubes in a col chap then horns sticking out at the side and some love heart tesellations. I am having an unanswered question moment about the difference between a reflection and symmetry. Then we did a tech challenge using popsicle sticks and straws. We had to hold a marble as far away as possible using the materials. After many debates against not using sellotape to stick it to the table we finally came....3rd:(. After that we looked at patterns from different cultrues. It was challenging trying to work out what countries they come from. ODETTE

Today I got to continue on my talent. I have 128 frames. For the tech challenge we had to balance a marble on a stick as far out as we could without securing it to the table or touching it. Paolo and I tied in first. I learnt something new today about how cultures show themselves in art. At the start of the day we tried to use maht spattens to make some art. I tried to use symmetry in mine.


Today I learnt where some cultural patterns come from. I created a strange patterned face. We created a toothbrush marble holder for the tech challenge. Our group worked well together. I contributed ideas and freshly cut tape for construction.


I started my new scratch project. I am making a few mini-games. In the afternoon we looked through cultural art patterns and I learnt a lot about how cultures show themselves in their art. If I had some prior knowledge I could see the symbols like the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.


I had trouble getting started today. I did read a lot though. I read the phantom tolbooth. I like it so far because it has crazy carachters in it like someone who takes people to prison but the prison does have a button to open. I also learnt about skewers in chess


Today we made our own patterns but I haven't finished mine. We did a tech challenge and my group tied in first place. I played Tane and he forfieted because there was a computer game being played for him to watch (screen junkie.) What I want to learn next week: why we associate different symbols with different cultures?


Today we did a did a Culture Pattern Detective thing we we were in buddies or by ourself and we had to look at a slideshow and name pictures, write what culture and write the evidence. I was with Sophie.


today we had a tech challenge. i was in a group with caitlin and sophie we had to make a thing thats supported a marble as far away form the table as possible with out the thing being taped to the tabel but our one just fell off the tabble.


today we had to make a figure that goes longest of the table & we won with a grand total of 26.5cm.
NOAH.O woohoo!!!!!!

Today we learned about patterns from different cultures and also had to guess what they were at first. We did a awesome tech challenge today we had to create a bridge that had to hold a marble on it. Our team took the win with another team. My challenge today was cooperating with others in the class especially Jacob
Peace Out Jayden

today we did a tech challenge. my team lost but it doesn't mater because we had fun and worked well together.

today we started term 3 at pakiki kids, we started the day with drawing patterns then we put them up on the wall. Then we had morning tea . after that we

made some models of structures that hold a ball i thought it was a fun day and want to have another one next time. Jamie

Today was Open Day! We were allowed to bring food, I brought along Blood Muffins TM. Our parents could come along. My Dad came from 9:00am to 9:30am and my Mum came from 11:30am to 12:30pm. In the Morning we had 8 suspects and each group had different crimes we had to look through evidence to find who did the crime. My group was called Crick and we thought it was Leia Silby and she did do it! In the afternoon we made boats in our groups and see who could fit the most blocks in before the boat sunk. Jack won and got 50 blocks in. My group's boat was called The Toasty Pie 1 (because it was shaped like a Toasty Pie) and we got 17 blocks in before it sunk, but we estimated 3!
2 minutes laters: Jacob just made a boat that had the same design as Jack's boat and got in 97 blocks, but there was only one block left to use so he can be beaten.
Caitlin, again.
7 minutes later Noah O made a really good boat and got all the blocks in, a small roll of sellotape, 5 dice and a pack of chess pieces and a stapler. And that is really, really good
Caitlin, yes again for the 3rd time and hopefully NOT again.

Today was open day. I dressed up as a press reporter and we got into groups, I was with Odette, Jacob,Sophie and Caitlin. We did a forensics challenge and we got a scenario and every group got their culprit right, ours was Miss Leia.

Today I dressed up for the forensics day as a P.B.I agent,( Pakiki bureau of investigation.) We solved a case of stolen pencils, it turned out to be NEVNS dodgy principle.
After lunch we tested our boats made of a square of tin-foil, sadly we only managed to place 9 shapes in our craft.


Today it was shared lunch and dress up to do with forensics day. We started of by getting together & figuring out a crime scene done by some rather suspicious people! My groups Crime Scene was trying to figure out who stole a laptop of Mr K's desk.It turned out to be Susan Scharpf a.k.a ??? ( I have my eyes on you.)
We had a quiz as well. Then we had chess and I won...
well Odette stopped playing because she was STARVING! So I will just say that I won.
After lunch we had to make boats. It is a lot harder than what it looks. I am blaming ours for getting none on Mr K since he left ours in there for 2 minutes.
Maia (edit: you are right about the boat test lacking validity because I got sidetracked. On the other hand, could you have constructed a boat that would have floated while it waited 2 minutes for me : ) - Mr. K.

Today was open day!!!!! Yay because we play lots of games and get to eat yum food. We started the morning staring at people costumes. Then we all got a mystery we had to solve, we all got put in groups and our culprit was Leia! Then we did a quiz about forensics and it was super hard. We then drew a DNA ladder, but it wasn't 2 metres long!
- Odette Holmes

Thursday 27th
Today we had the awesome opportunity to visit the Pathology Lab at the University of Otago and meet the scientists who work on genetics with zebra fish. Very interesting and a great learning experience. Thanks to the adults who attended! For today's reflections I asked the students to record one thing they learnt. Cheers, Scott.

Today at the zebrafish lab I learnt that zebrafish will eat their eggs if they're super hungry.

Noel has a really tricky job feeding 13 thousand fish and keeping it organized. They make a dye to highlight the muscles and skeleton.

A Fish genome is very similar to a human's.
Te Awa

Today we went to the ZebraFish lab place to learn about mutations and I liked seeing the little dead fish in orange vision at 402x zoom. Then we went back to Pakiki and had lunch. Then we did some note taking on genetic mutations where I learned that there are bad sides and good sides to mutations.


If you put zebrafish eggs in different temperatures they grow at different rates.

I learned the scientists are always busy looking at blood cells. If there is a fish doing strange things they watch through a microscope to know and about the fish they are modifying.
I named one sparky the zebra fish it was awesome they feed and clean them often except for the babies they got less of both.we got to watch movie about them growing cells.PAOLO

Today we went to the ZEBRA FISH PLACE and looked at skeletons of ZEBRA FISH, and
watched some doing their mating dance, when they squiggle around.
We also looked at some genetic engineering videos on Youtube.

We saw zebrafish at all stages and when they were little they had a yolk wrapped around them.

It takes one hour to feed the zebra fish once because there are so many of them. (Noah)

When zebra fish mate they swim really fast and close. You can get fluorescence from jelly fish genes and plant those genes in the zebra fish - then they are fluorescent! (Marshall)

Jamie's mum is a genetic scientist and she can put fluorescence in the fish by using genes from jellyfish or coral. (Jayden)

You can tell the difference between a male and female Zebra fish because the males are "pinky" coloured and the females are a blue/white colour. (Sophie)

This Thursday we went to the pathology lab.Mr K's memory got kiddnapped again while we were out of the building and Maia and I had to run back up and grab the gift bag and the awesome card we made. When we got there we had a bit of trouble finding the entrance or should I say Mr K had trouble finding it. When we finally got there, we separated into a couple of groups and visited different stations. My favourite was when we fed the baby Zebra fish we also looked at Zebra fish under microscopes,looked at floresent fish and picked up Zebra fish eggs. Then we looked at a DNA video on you tube that showed the idea of cloning.
-Odette Sim :)

Today we had our trip to the Zebra Fish Science Lab which was very fun. However somebody...eg Mr K forgot the card & gift. We started of by looking at a few small quick videos and then split into 4 groups. Our first activity was to collect Zebra Fish eggs. (It's harder than it looks.) Next we got to feed the fish, Adult and Baby fish. We then went back to where we started and looked and Zebra fish Skelleton and guess what stages some Zebra fish were at. Then we went to look at some floresent fish. We then left and came back to Pakiki. When we came back we had lunch and watched a video about genetic genes.
- By Maia Dean

Thursday 20th
Today I played dad twice and won the first one and lost the second, but in both games I was up in pieces. Learnt to always look for a good move even if it is with just something like a pawn. We watched part of a movie called fluke because it had animal testing in it, animal testing I mean who tests products on animals. I couldn't find my comic cover so I had to start again but I still got up to coloring yay.

Last night Mr K got his memory kiddnaped so today when we were in the middle of our science experiment ( we were measuring and getting the volume of a shard of glass)Mr K anounced that he had forgot his scales sadly the school didn't have any either so we had to stop :( I versed Jacob for chess and he forfited so I pretty much won. My pick a path is getting creeper, theres an evil Grandma on the loose with a gun!!!!!At the end we did a very cool philosphy session weer we read 'Theres A Lion In The Meadow' and disscused what was eithacil and at the end of that we wrote a question. Rosa Parks is getting harder as I get deeper into her life. The best part of the day was when we watched a movie called FLUKE about a person who was brought back to life and tries to find his family. i almost cried.
- Odette Sim

Today i made more slides for my slideshow i got some more slides and made a funny video. and watched this movie called Fluke and i beat Maia at chess it was pretty hard she is a good player i didn't get much of a chance to do some research on Lincoln though. But i went to get a new book that might help with my research


Today I continued on my murder mystery and started making a soundtrack that Mr K is helping me along with. Then I worked through morning tea and made Lucy resign halfway through a game of chess she was winning which is really weird. Then we started a experiment but Mr K couldn't find the scales so we postponed it to next week then started 'Lion in the Meadow' where Mr K wrote questions on the board that we came up with that were ethical, epistemological and metaphysical.}NOAH{

Today i mostly did my stykz. I figured out that if you do polyfill under the arms it looks like wings and a little bit of my stykz had that in it.This would be cool for superheroes. I also got some items to use including GODZILLA! I used pivot and colour. When i played chess with the computer i won 3 times,lost once and drawed twice. I also played with jayden then i forfitted. PAOLO

today i did my talent time on music my goal is to make a song that one day might be able to be on a video game, like sonic and friends. My favorite thing about today was the time we did listening to the story because then we got to come up with things that were wrong or misplaced. like how they said that the lion was yellow when everyone knows that lions are golden or ginger with a tinge of yellow not completely yellow though, i learned the different noises on garegeband so now it will be easy for me to find the sound that i want and my song will come along more easier.

Today Mr K read us a story about a boy who saw a lion in the meadow and his mother didn't believe him. But in the end she believed him and the lion was not evil and there was a dragon.

Today we looked at the lion in the meadow and what big ideas there were to explore. Our three big topics for questions were Ethical questions, epistemological questions and Metaphysical questions. we spent a load of time on Talent and Affective domain. I LOVE PAKIKI
(: J A Y D E N:)

Today we read The Lion in the Meadow for philosophy. I took the meaning to be don't judge a book by its cover. Jacob

today I watched a 1:00 documentary on stirling moss i had a massive page of information and solved most of my questions, mr k had a FAYUL with our glass-shards experiment with our forensics study (no scales), i also did horse racing with xanthe in chess

Today i mostly did my stykz. I figured out that if you do polyfill under the arms it looks like wings and a little bit of my stykz had that in it.This would be cool for superheroes. I also got some items to use including GODZILLA! I used pivot and colour. When i played chess with the computer i won 3 times,lost once and drawed twice. I also played with jayden then i forfitted. PAOLO

Today I got a lot done On my Martin Luther King Jr. study without Te Awa and i did not get to my individual study so i defiantly will get to that next week. We read the book lion in the meadow and had to think ethically then we came up with some ethical questions and then we had to do a question evaluating on a group question the one that i chose to evaluate on was 'Adult knowledge vs. children knowledge' my evaluation was Why do adults think they know everything just because they're older? I played a chess game with Fergus and I won I also played a game of horse racing with the chess pawns as well, I won that game as well. -00-

- X A N T H E -

13 June

Today I started typing up my murder mystery story and you can choose to solve a Murder, a Kidnapping or a Robbery. Then I learned that Isaac Newton had trouble with his sexuality and had a dog. Then we learned how to make a combination in chess but I didn't want to learn more because it wasn't very interesting. And now I am writing my reflection.

Today I had a session with Xanthe learning about Martin Luther King. Jr. To be honest I didn't like it because she made me read and spell things correctly but I did collect a lot of information so she definitely helped.

Today I learned more about Leonardo Da Vinci and his childhood. I also enjoyed discussing the difference between gifted and being talented.

Today we started off with a crime and we had to figure out using fibres (evidence) and a microscope who had bullied a boy. We were practising investigation and forensic skills. It was Kenny!! We could tell because we were able to match the fibres on the microscope. My talent is going olay. I now need to colour the background in green. After lunch we did a community of inquiry looking at what Gagne thinks about talents. We discussed the distinction between a talent and a gift. Odette and Maia

Today I enjoyed Looking through the microscope at different types of fabrics which were part of a crime, we had to catch the culprit. I had a session with Te Awa about Martin Luther King Jr. I read and he picked out the information he didn't like this session because I made him write down everything correctly spelt. I played Odette at a game of suicide. Which I won. Early in the morning Mrs. Leia made a sexist comment on a slide show she had made as well. : ) editors comment - it said "man-made" the students thought not natural was better!

Today I got to do forensics with fabric with noah, jamie and te awa. we had to solve a robbery with a microscope. after lunch we had to do philosophy on gagne and 'giftedness comes before talent'.-Fergus

today i started my key note for the livyatan mevillei and learned somthing new in chess. Also, i found out that Lincoln used to be a wrestler and i played spore and made something weird.

well today we talked about what the differnece is betwen a talent and a gift. I argued that there may not be a difference. jacob

Today we used microscopes to find out who mugged Shaun. The culprit was: SUSPECT #1 (a.k.a. Kenny Smith)
Today I started my Affective Domain Powerpoint about Archimedes.

- Tane Cotton

Today we did a thing with microscopes (like what Tane said) we had to look at different fabrics and match them with the fabric from the crime scene, the culprit was... Kenny Smith DA DA DAAA. We did a thing trying to define gifted and talented and comparing them with each other. I only did the tinniest amount on my passion project. I got more on my affective domain and answered my question of if Lionel Messi's style of play has changed since he started playing for Barcelona, it hasn't. I also got a new question which was who was Tito Vilanova? Which I answered.

Today we did some stuff about fibres & we looked through a microscope and examined the fibres. there was 3 suspects & itwas suspect #1 (Kenny smith).
Me & Jayden started a factual story about a hippo and a inland taipan (The most poisonous snake in the world).

We had to solve a crime and what happened was a boy called Shaun got hurt by someone and they also stole his lunch, and luckily Shaun stole a bit of his shirt. We had to look through a Microscope and look through a bit of all their shirts we figured out in the end it was Kenny Smith age 12. And we decided to look at our hair.

Caitlin and Sophie.

today we did a lot of time on talent. Today i was learning about Dangerous animals.
I examined the suspects clothes and found out that the suspect #1 did it using microscopes and forensics. We learned about Gagne in the afternoon.

Today we got to do "poor man's fingerprinting" but the St. Leonards crew didn't need to worry about the "excitement" because we have already done a proper version with the proper kit. Dad put our fingers in ink and put our prints on a sheet. Later, also with fingerprints, we named some printed up fingerprints and we had to name them either arch, loop, and whorl. At chess today John didn't teach us anything because he was going to show us a chess video but it didn't work. I am so close to finishing my passion project, all I have to do now is finish coloring in the world and draw a mushroom cloud.

Today we did lots of DNA stuff, we took finger prints did a bit of researching and found a culptrit. ( It was Lenny!!) We watched Bill Nye the science guy ( a really cheesy guy who makes science fun sot of.) My pick a path is getting really hard and scary and my giffted person study didn't make any progress.( Shouldn't have told you that! ; .)

Today I finished typing my pick a path. And we also did lots on forensics I solved a robbery and took my own fingerprints!

I wrote more of my story. I have almost finished. I enjoyed writing my story the game of chess that Xanthe bet me at. I missed out on taking my fingerprint off a glass. I also enjoyed the forensics stuff that we did today as well.
- Sophie

Today we did lots of stuff about fingerprints & DNA. I played against Fergus and he resigned.I had 2 Queens & 2 rooks. I have been taking notes about the Taipan snake - I found out its poison can kill 250000 mice!

Today i played chess with Tane again he resigned again and then we played checkers with chess pieces. I continued my stykz and i am up to about 835 frames i have used colour scale and making my own things with different objects.

Today we did alot of stuff about finger prints and DNA.
I continued my new stykz and learnt a new skill:making things smaller so it looks like
they are going away.

Today i played a chess game against Odette.

Today we started the day with passion and I chose to start a pick-a-path mystery story. When I was half way through we had to do our fingerprints for later. Then we had morning tea and then played chess with Lucy but she messed up the game. Mr K said I should do more art because he was so impressed with my bird drawings, so I am going to put my drawings, and poetry into the pick-a-path.

This morning I started my paper sculpture talent project. I am trying to recreate one of Peter Callesen's pieces which is a foot with a snail in it. Then I get to create one of my own. I redid my foot cut out 3 times because I didn't quite get it right. I showed persistence, striving for accuracy and managing impulsivity because my impulse was to give up! Later we did fingerprinting. I identified a number of different fingerprints and I did all the writing myself - in fact today I mostly wrote for myself all day.

30th May

A big day - we had a drama challenge to start - a fun way to help reinforce the scientific method. Jayden and Noah O did a great job of presenting it via the context of a rugby game, Jamie, Noah H and Fergus did a wonderful mime and jacob, Marshall and Paolo did a successful news item/interview. Well done. Our economy has grown - with Jack suggesting we introduce some commodities that people can speculate on either by buying the commodities or earn them in lieu of cash. I employed Jack as chief economist. Money is flowing pretty freely - I had better get to stocking the shop - at the moment we have computer/ipad tokens designed by Jayden; and be Odette and Maia for purchase. Odette and Maia have cleverly created a job for themselves earning 20% of all takings by being the people who take computer token orders and who pass the money onto me : )

Dr. Sarah Young visited this morning to talk about DNA and its role in crime. Amazing and interesting talk that had me bursting with questions and a desire to know more about DNA. I could tell from the flurry of questions many of the students were feeling the same. Thanks for inspiring our learning Dr. Young!

The rest of the day we dedicated to talent, gifted person studying and questioning (using Kaplan's D & C) and chess. I'll let some of the students tell you about it:
Cheers, Scott.

Today I made a start on my pick a path story. It is a murder mystery where the reader is the main character. I also started on my Archimedes study. I have found out that he is one of the greatest inventors of all time. I think some habits of mind he used were definitely persisting - he would draw for days without eating. drinking or even washing - he would get servants to pour water over him so he could keep going. Jack

I did a dramatic recreation of the scientific method with Fergus and jamie. Mr. K said it was informative and entertaining - it was really clear what we were meaning. I wrote questions for my Isacac Newton study using kaplan's - we also had to write some questions for Mr. K's Aristotle study. THen we had a visitor teach us about DNA. I found out that there is 2 metres of DNA inside each cell - which is only 10 micrometres (1/1000th of a millimetre) - I never would have thought that it is weird. Noah H

Today I made a lot of money I think 24 dollars!!! A person called Dr Young came today. She told us all about Dna and I learnt lots of stuff: Veins are actually red, Identical twins have identical dna but not identical finger prints. I played Jamie at chess because playing Maia was getting a bit boring (no offence Maia ;) And I ....LOST. I am doing a really creepy murder mystery to be read in day time only as my new talent it is going to be a pick a path. Most of the people in pakiki have allmost finished their Gifted person study ( good generalization). Odette

30th of May
Today I enjoyed the dramatic reaction of the scientific method I paired up with Lucy we made a poster. I started typing up my pick a path on the laptop
I enjoyed it when Dr.Young Came to talk to us!!!
- Xanthe 8}

today we had a person coming over to tell us about d.n.a she knew my mum and also we work on our character study
but the book didn't have much facts well i have to tidy now i'm off

Today I finished my superhero comic and started my cover. I got some more information about Lionel Messi and found what his style of play is. At the start of the day we did a drama thingy about the scientific method. We had a visitor in the morning - Sarah Young came and told us about DNA. One thing that I remembered was that in each blood cell there is 2 metres of DNA but a cell is only 10 micrometres and it takes 1000 micrometres to make a millimetre.

Today I started a new stykz video with no weapons, I got up to about 77 frames.I also watched a couple of Paolo's stykz videos
that he made at home. I lost my Gifted person study so I have to start a new one,Archimedes.

Today I played chess with Tane he forfeited. I continued my stykz video today and its looking good I decided to get stykz at home and I showed mr.k my videos from home tane told me my original one was really good.PAOLO

23rd May
Today we did a chess sheet about what we think good chess players are good at,what we need to work on to get better at chess, what we would like to change at chess, and how managing impulsivity will help us in chess. Me and Xanthe did more on our comic and Xanthe finished hers, I only have three panels left! For a brain warm up at the start of the day we had to put all the steps of the scientific method in order, then we had to write down what variable we would change if we were seeing who could throw a paper plane the furtherest, still doing the warm up, we had to write down a question\problem that we could use the scientific method in.

Today at Pakiki we started of with a scientific method quiz. After that we did some talent I finished! Yay, so now my new talent/passion is to make wire animals out of wire and make a landscape for them, which will be fun. I versed Odette at chess and she won again. But then we tried playing with no pawns and it was chaos! After lunch it was free choice but Odette and I made our computer licences.
By Maia Dean :)

Today at pakiki we started to learn about Gagne and theory of giftedness. At chess time we did a information web about what we remembered about Chess.
Jayden :)

A quiz, I mean who wants to start the morning off with a quiz. Sometimes Mr. K is a little insane. We had to put the scientific methods in order then we had to write about our paper plane experiment (check last week's blog). We also had to think of an experiment we might design and what variable we would change. Chess as usual, Maia and me played each other again and I won both times! My new talent project is to make a pick a path mystery story. Maia and me finished our computer tokens and I got 10 dollars for cleaning up. Odette Sim

Today was the 3rd day of term. First we did a quiz on the scientific method. Then we had a debate on Gagne's theory on giftedness. Then I started another garage band song. I finished my drawing of a crane (bird) and my reflection. The habit of mind I used today was when I did something really bad and then tried to fix it the best I could. Noah H

Today I finished my superhero study. I started a comic for it a fortnight ago and I finished it today. I have to reflect on my project. But I started another independent study and I am writing a pick a path which I started and finished today - it is a murder mystery. We had an animal rights video to watch together but I didn't - Mr. K explained what was in it and we were able to decide if we wanted to watch it or not. Phew I missed it. Xanthe

Today I enjoyed doing my passion project thing - my story. I found the scientific method quiz challenging even though most of the questions were really easy. Next week I am looking forward to doing more of my passion project. Sophie

Today I made my first song on garageband and started another. In the morning we took a test to review the scientific method. After that we learned about Gagne - he was talking about people being gifted. We also played chess. I lost. Lucy

Today I enjoyed creating a new version of chess with Sophie. Next week I have to put together a new independent study with Mr. K because my review project is finished. Caitlin

I had fun using garageband today making music with loops. The first loop I made I used some cool exotic sounding drum and then added guitar. Next time I want to try and make some techno. Mr. K says I am a natural and my mum says I have a good ear. I like making music. Te Awa

Thursday 16th May

Today was our second day of pakiki for the term. We started designing computer tokens. Then Constable Somerfield came in and talked about forensics. Then we did chess and I got Jamie to resign. Then we made changes to paper planes to practise using the scientific method and a control in our experiment.

-Noah H

Today was our second day at pakiki for the term. We started of with designing some computer tokens. After morning tea Constable Somerfield came in and talked to us about forensics with a crime scene. I got to take my finger prints using ink!
Then there was talent time which was ok I didn't get to do much because my book for the Q&R code was not there :(
After lunch we made paper planes using the scientific method and which was to create ,design, and test a paper plan and change one variable. Our first plane was pretty good.
It contained the habit of mind Creating,Imagining, and Innovating.
Next week hopefully my book will be there so my review will be finished.

By, Maia

today we watched a peter singer video and it made us think what would happen if animals had rights. Peter SInger was arguing that any animal that has feelings should be treated the same so humans and animals like dogs and chimps and sheep should all be treated equally. We had to practise taking notes when we watched the video. Then we discussed animal rights and what consequences and effects would happen if everyone agreed with Peter Singer. I figured not many people would eat meat and that because we would be growing more crops there would be a lot more birds.

Today we had constable Summerfeild come in and talk to as about forensics. He told us all about getting people's finger prints off cups and stuff. We also made paper planes and flew them in the hall. We started with the control plane that (Te Awa made) and flew them first we learned about the way the control plane was like the starter plane and in control. We had to use the scientific method to do our experiments. LUCY

Well, today I really enjoyed my individual study which is super heroes I invented Super-nan, and her side-kick Mut-Ant. And their overall enemy Charlie. I liked doing the animal Rights Study with Peter Singer, I enjoyed that because I <3 LOVE ANIMALS!!!
A police man called Constable Summerfield had come to pakiki to teach us how to burgle a house properly..... not really : ) he had come to teach us about forensics. He took Maia's fingerprint and he took Fergus's palm print of a cup WOW! We watched a fake documentary about a fake burglary. It was quite intriguing.

Today we created paper planes and me and Jayden were partners. We were conducting an experiment to help us remember the scientific method which we learned last week. at first the control plane (which Te Awa made )flew 7.55 metres and then we epically failed by only getting 3.8 metres.then we were on fire when we got 9.00 metres and then jayden made the" sabertooth" and we got the high score with 11.6 metres and we also got 10.3 metres. We had to record the variable changes we made to our plane. also constable summerfield came and we learned about crime and thef and forensics.

This Thursday my favourite bits were when the police officer came and told us how to rob a place properly (LOL!) He showed us police training videos and even set up a crime scene for us to investagate!! My other fave bit was when we made paper planes and ours epicly failed. As always we played chess, John doesn't think that quantim chess counts as a chess! : (
BY Odette

to day we made paper plans. We were practising using the scientific method. I worked with Tane. We had to amke single changes and record our results each time. We had a basic plane at the start which was the control plane. we folded back the tip a it made it fly really well i think this was my fav day of the term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 9th May - First day of Term 2.
Today we watched a video about MythBusters doing an experiment with Mentos and and Diet Cola put in a bottle it ended up in an explosion and we had to do a comic with a problem, hypothesis, observation, experiment and conclusion.

Today at Pakiki I was was working on my book review and it is now on the blog with the Q & R code nearly ready. We also had a tech challenge which was to make 5 alien artifacts out of pipe cleaners sticks string tape a balloon and some feathers. It was challenging because we only had 20 minutes. We had no chess today because John was away.
By Maia

Today at pakiki was weird. John was away so we had lots of time to do passion.
I really enjoyed watching all the science videos and doing the science method comic strip at the end of the day. Tech challenge was awesome and my group worked together really well to create alien artifacts.

Today at Pakiki I was challenged at the end when I had to take notes about myth busters and working out how to put the scientists method in my own words.
I had a good day and I am looking forwards to next week.

Today was fun because we did the scientific method and we got to make a comic strip demonstrating the scientific method. Earlier on in the day I did my passion project and I did my villain's sidekick but I haven't done his powers yet, I also started my comic with my hero and his sidekick, and my villain and his sidekick, I'm not very far through it et only two frames and I haven't even finished that one! We didn't get to do chess today because John is in Australia.

Today we didn't have chess cause john wasn't there but we did stuff about the golden ratio & donald duck who speaks like "hewo im donnnalld deeck"
; it was funny!!! we also did geometric shapes and i started on dangerous creatures.


Today we watched a video about MythBusters doing an experiment with Mentos and and Diet Cola put in a bottle it ended up in an explosion and we had to do a comic with a problem, hypothesis, observation, experiment and conclusion.

Today at Pakiki I was was working on my book review and it is now on the blog with the Q & R code nearly ready. We also had a tech challenge which was to make 5 alien artifacts out of pipe cleaners sticks string tape a balloon and some feathers. It was challenging because we only had 20 minutes. We had no chess today because John was away.
By Maia

Today at pakiki was weird. John was away so we had lots of time to do passion.
I really enjoyed watching all the science videos and doing the science method comic strip at the end of the day. Tech challenge was awesome and my group worked together really well to create alien artifacts.

Today at Pakiki I was challenged at the end when I had to take notes about myth busters and working out how to put the scientists method in my own words.
I had a good day and I am looking forwards to next week.

Today was fun because we did the scientific method and we got to make a comic strip demonstrating the scientific method. Earlier on in the day I did my passion project and I did my villain's sidekick but I haven't done his powers yet, I also started my comic with my hero and his sidekick, and my villain and his sidekick, I'm not very far through it et only two frames and I haven't even finished that one! We didn't get to do chess today because John is in Australia.

Today we didn't have chess cause john wasn't there but we did stuff about the golden ratio & donald duck who speaks like "hewo im donnnalld deeck"
; it was funny!!! we also did geometric shapes and i started on dangerous creatures.


Kia ora from the last day of term
Wow! A flurry of activity on the last day as students completed some product and reflected on their learning over the term. I am continually impressed with how the tough get going at Pakiki when deadlines loom - an ethic that bodes well for future success and one I witnessed again today from 95% of our 2013 Thursday Pakiki cohort. Odette deserves special mention, given she missed most of the term. She has produced a great start to her Rosa Parks study and has identified clear next steps to add more depth. Maia is in a similar position on her Stephen Hawking's study. She also has completed reviews and just needs to print a QR code to link them in. Somehow she even found time to contribute with a display on using internet search engines - way to go Maia your initiative and attention to task is awesome. Caitlin's is heading along the same path. She managed to be the first Thursday Pakiki kid to print her QR code having re-edited her review - it's on the review page if you want to read. I like how she has made her own judgements and provides evidence for her thoughts - well done. Jacob created an innovative way to display his work on Hans Christian Anderson - looks great, good information - his next step is to bring himself in to the study more - something we will work on for everyone next term. Paolo finished his fist Binney painting - looks stunning. He has made huge progress in his confidence and expertise in the visual arts he has been working on - well done Paolo. Both Paolo and Jayden went beyond the goals set for today and have a fine start to their learning portfolios. Jayden wrote a story "for fun". I set him the task of introducing characters, a setting and working out a plot in under a page - he completed the tale of Pigman in about an hour, achieving each of the goals set - superb. He was willing to edit and refine his story as well - brilliant attitude to learning Jayden! Lucy and Te Awa both showed off their creative and artistic skills working on their emotion game. They are improving their efficiency as well which is important and I am looking forward to seeing more of the wonderful art skills and innovative, humourous and wacky ideas these two newbies have. Marshall made progress on his superhero study and demonstrated excellent thinking when reflecting on his own work over the term. Jack also reflected very well including writing most of his thoughts himself - I owe you a Pakiki bonus for tackling your challenges so successfully Jack! Additionally, as a class, we did a reflective overview of all the term's topics. The comments were thoughtful and instructive. Well done team. Noah H. worked hard today developing his skills in the sometimes tiring task of reading, summarising and recording in notes information (for him it was on Isaac Newton). He showed he could tackle this skill accurately and with increasing efficiency - well done Noah it is an important skill for a lot of your educational journey so figuring it out early will be a real help. Fergus also worked on the important skill of paraphrasing in his study of Stirling Moss. I know it seems tricky to begin Fergus but this skill gets easier the mroe you do it - no surprises there. Noah O. revealed more of his creative side today which was excellent. He is developing characters who can guide us through understanding various patterns in nature and in technology. I am hoping we can harness your creativity for future projects Noah that will keep you inspired and sharp focussed. Tane did an admirable job of overcoming challenges and reflecting on some of his work this term. Sophie showed incredible persistence and wrote on her story for almost the entire day! She handed me the finished manuscript near the end - incredible stamina Sophie - superb work, I look forward to reading it over the next few days. Xanthe again showed the organisation and leadership skills I have come to expect from her. She was among the first to complete the must-do part of the day and was able to continue with her super hero study.

A stunning day where almost the entire class chose to continue through their lunchtime even when they weren't asked. Thursday Pakiki- you rock! We finished with a blind auction for fun and to give the pakiki economy a boost - the bank was running low on funds and needed some recirculation of currency. I will probably need to print more money over the holidays which, as those of us who studied Rome and the U.S empires noticed at Pakiki a couple of years ago, typically means the money isn't worth as much! And this typically means higher prices ( and perhaps higher wages : ). I wonder what the price of a jelly bean will be next term?

Have a great break, see you all in 3 weeks.
Ka kite, Scott.

Day 9
Today at Pakiki I found it tricky when I had to find new info about leonardo da vinci. I enjoyed my talent project because i wrote a new poem that personified jealousy as a woman who has everything and wants more. Here it is:

She strides into a room, everyone looks
She wants everything to her self
You stare at her she'll glare at you
Tallish, blond, commanding blue eyes
Her voice so high pitched
Like a run-over cat
She'll brag about anything
You don't want to look but you do
Jealousy is her name.


Today Xanthe and I did more on our superheroes and made the arch enemies for them, it was really fun. Jack and I had another game of chess and I won and am now four ahead of him. For our gifted person study we had to just take notes but I wrote out full sentences, I still got lots of information though. right at the start of the day dad was really lazy and we had to take notes for him, it sucked

Today I thought it was cahllenging when we did the Aristotle note-taking because it was hard to keep up with the video. I enjoyed doing the generalisations. We learnt what was valid and what was faulty about generalisations.
Noah. O.

Today it was tricky trying to figure out if a generalisation was valid or faulty. I learnt more about A.A. Milne - did you know he was taught by H.G. Wells?

Today it was really hard when we did the note taking on Aristotle because I find spelling hard. Next week i am going to try pictorial notes. Te Awa

Today it was challenging when I was trying to get my picture for my pattern generalisation onto a pages document. I persisted and with Mum we figured it out! I made excellent progress on my JK Rowling study and I worked tirelessly on my story at talent time. I also generated lots of valid generalisations with Caitlin. Sophie

Today I liked chess because it was easy and fun and I also liked the generalisations at the end of the day. Noah .H

Today I was challenged when we took notes on Aristotle because there were parts that I couldn't tell if they were important or not. I made some good progress on my gifted talent study finding out what made Hans Christian Anderson successful at writing. It turns out he wasn't a very good writer but he wrote like people speak. Jacob.

Today I played chess with Fergus and he forfeit so I won. Me and Fergus started our game by making a board and started to make the characters.


Today Jack started getting back at me in a pawn game but I'm still ahead by 3. I finished drawing my superhero and wrote the information about him and my sidekick. I wrote a page and a bit about Lionel Messi and got lots of information. at the start of the day we learn't how to multipy fractions for a brain warm up and after that we did what triggers emotions for us and Darrin tallied them up, the results were that the highest for home and over all was brothers and sisters at twelve mainstream school and Pakiki were tied for fine at four

today we talked about triggers and things that set you of. we also talked about feelings when something weird or suprising happens what you feel like.

Today I was enjoying this some activicties and it was better because it was more fun. Darrin

This morning we started with a maths warm up on the use of exponents. I put a few examples on the board with answers and the students task was to use inductive reasoning to figure out the pattern and set a general rule. Marshall and Darrin were onto to it and together they gave us a rule. The students then had to test the rule with a number of other equations. Darrin was very speedy and accurate with his mathematics this morning - well done. We moved onto an examinations of emotions after this. We were interested in powerful emotions - one's that, as Paolo put it, "can take us over". We started by unpacking a quote from Xanthe's book of quotations that told us emotions were good and it was brave and useful to show them. We discussed some experiences and emotion examples and there were quite a few in common. We then explored strategies we have for moving out of these emotions. We also wondered about why we often want to not show our emotions to others. Finally, we brainstormed a range of products we could make to explain our understanding of emotional transition - how we get back to positive emotions. Lucy and Te Awa are creating a board game that reminds us of strategies for happiness, as a re Xanthe and Paolo; Noah and Fergus are making a game that inspires happiness and creating an advertisement for the game; Marshall is making a comic strip about staying happy when others are angry; Jacob and Maia are making a rap and have 2 verses; Jack and Sophie have been brainstorming a number of poetic words to explore emotions and are going to turn this into a rap; Tane was using music to represent various emotions; Darrin is creating a happiness treehouse the steps up to it showing things you can do to be happy. Caitlin has made a series of emoticons who are showing how people might become angry or sad (etc) and how they can resolve this emotion.

We shifted to research skills after this. Today's lesson was skim reading by reading introductions/conclusions; introductory and concluding sentences in paragraphs, as a way to quickly recognise the paragraphs relationship to the question being researched. We also focussed on the importance of having your question clear to guide you. Students morphed form this into talent time and then we worked on chess with John, revising the concept zugzwang.

In the afternoon we read a little of Frindle -(almost finished : ) and then looked at patterns - we debated which category we thought was most important - order, strength, survival, or beauty. Noah had a strong argument for order and so did Xanthe, Caitlin, Maia and Sophie for strength. Maia probably had the last word when she recognised that each category could be seen in the other. We finished the day with some more inductive reasoning - this time with adjectives - age, colour, materials and appearance. Jack figured out a rule for the order we typically put words in when we describe them... see if you can.

sorry only a few blogs from the students today, someone knocked the computer plug and we lost a lot of them that had yet to be saved.

Have a great Easter!

Mr. K.

Today it was hard when we were doing the maths in the morning. We had to work out a pattern from maths exponents. I really enjoyed the book that I am reading which is written by the same author as Frindle. Sophie

Today I liked the maths at the start of the day because it was easy and fun. I also liked chess because I stalemated Tane.

Today i learned how to add color in stykz and got up to around 500 frames!!!!!!!!!
I havnt been here the whole day and im going soon.
im about to go to chess.


Today I liked playing chess because I played Jack and finally our giant war is being leaded by someone and that someone is mua by 2. I finished making my superhero's sidekick and his name is electric claw, and i have started making the actual hero and his name is gold diamond but i haven't got very far. It was fun doing my gifted person study because I got very far and have lots of information on Lionel Messi.

Day 6
Today I liked chess because i beat Darrin three times in a row: normal chess for the first two, then a pawn game as the last one.
I also liked looking for survival patterns on google images because I learnt what golden tigers look like in real life!!!!!!!!
We also went to the medical studies library today, I learnt about a type of skin cancer in a educational comic book called ' what's up with dad? '
Next week I would like to do my Individual study because we did not do them today.

I went on a trip today and it was ok, we went to a library but wen we got back I fensh my suvivl paten poster and it was fun!

today we went to the medical library and with chris we learnt about all the different bones in your body and with richard we learnt about epilepsy and your brain.we also did some more research about patterns and order

today we went to the medical library and learnt about bones brains and researching and when we got back i worked on my survival pattern poster jack

Today it was much better than before, the fun part was the word search I don't remember what I didn't like. Darrin

Today we went to the health sciences library. We learnt about researching and body parts. We played with a skull (fake!).

We got to put tags on the skeleton.

By Caitlin & Maia

Day 5

Today my favorite thing was nonsensical sentences we had to make our own sentences and then sit in someone else's seat and when you were chosen say one of the ones in front of you i thought some of the sentences were funny.

Today I liked researching about survival patterns because I got to learn about venus fly traps.
I also liked Chess because we got to go in the hall, the reason I liked playing in the hall is because it wasn't really hot. Tane

Today at chess I bet Xanthe by checking here multiple times! For talent time I wrote a book review about Percy Jackson it was fun.
By Maia

Day 5

Today my favorite thing was nonsensical sentences we had to make our own sentences and then sit in someone else's seat and when you were chosen say one of the ones in front of you i thought some of the sentences were funny.

Today I liked researching about survival patterns because I got to learn about venus fly traps.
I also liked Chess because we got to go in the hall, the reason I liked playing in the hall is because it wasn't really hot. Tane

Today at chess I bet Xanthe by checking here multiple times! For talent time I wrote a book review about Percy Jackson it was fun.
By Maia

Kia ora from Day 4.

We had a large group away today with Mornington year 6s on camp. Hope they are having a blast - the weather is perfect for them. We started our morning with a discussion about what is philosophy and whether or not the students thought they were philosophers. We explored what it is philosophers do and looked at argument, metacognition and reasoning. Then we played an association game which aims at improving the kind of attentive listening one needs to engage in philosophical arguments.

We followed this with research skills (questioning and google) then set about doing our gifted person research. There are some good secondary questions floating about now - it is good to see the students are starting to get the idea of how this part of research works.

After play we started on our talent projects. This is day one on these and the students were enthusiastic and well focussed. We have Paolo doing bird art; Darrin doing fractions; Marshall and Xanthe exploring and creating superheroes; Sophie and Jack writing stories; Caitlin is doing Q&R code book reviews; Lucy and Te Awa are working on poetry; Noah and Jayden are looking at Platonic solids. Chess looked at end game strategies - king vs king and rook. After lunch we had reflections, blog and pattern stations to work on. It was very hot. There is some good pattern detective work going - Darrin and Sophie, Jayden and Noah, and Marshall and Xanthe all worked on this. Paolo and Caitlin have shown excellent independence in his approach to pattern stations.

Thanks all - catch you next week!

Today I enjoyed beating Xanthe at chess and connect four because she is better than me at most things. Today I found difficult my Lionel Messi study because I could only find the answer to one question when I thought that I would find answers to more than one. I'm looking forward to my superheroes study with Xanthe because it is fun studying Spider-man,Deadpool, and Daredevil.

today the thing i enjoyed chess i played mr k the thing that i found difficult was my gifted person study my person is george lucus


Today I really enjoyed my Q & R code. Because it was fun looking at real reviews and looking at how to make a good review.

today i made a poem and played chess i loved playing chess cause cause i won. i found the research hard because it was hard to find new info.

Today i (as a pattern activity) made a schedule for every day and said how i felt about the day.I also played chess and i won it was very challenging because he was good but i managed to win.PAOLO

TODAY WE DID RESEARCHING ON OUR FAMOUS PERSON, I chose the man who invented the Mario games - Shigeru Miyamoto, AND MORE SECONDARY QUESTIONS. THE HARDEST THING TODAY WAS THE SECONDARY QUESTIONS. I FOUND IT TRICKY THINKING OF QUESTIONS but I came up with two - who inspired him? and why did he choose computing for a career? Next week I am going to write one more and find some answers.

Term One Day 3

Hi all, this morning we started with by reading a section of Stuart Little that introduced the notion of rules. We then were allowed to write a rule - "one rule that we thought was the most important of all for Pakiki. I then mixed up the rules so everyone was reallocated someone else's. IN pairs the students then eliminated one of the rules and thought of a justification for their choice. We then settled on 5 rules for the class out of the remainders. While the rules helped remind us how we want to operate in the class there was an affective domain element to the task because what each student decided was the most important rule said something about themselves and, in many occasions about how they prefer their learning environment. We followed this with a blind painter activity. This is to encourage questioning and seeking clarification. The students sat back to back and one acted as the other's eyes to convey a picture on the screen. They then swapped and we discussed what questions were helping us achieve success. We finished the morning with another integrated affective domain and questioning task, which built on last week's attention to primary and secondary questions. The aim was to create a primary question to help explore the success of a famous gifted person. Then, the students needed to build on this with secondary questions to break down the task. Well done Darrin, by the way, for remembering so accurately the purpose of secondary questions. When the students had their questions checked they could begin their study. Next week we will look at research skills to help with internet and book usage.

After play we did some more talent profiling, introduced talent groups - we have a fractions math, a science build a solar oven, an art study that explores and creates images of birds (utilising the work of Don Binney) and a literacy project where children create Q&R codes that connect to book reviews they have compiled for the Pakiki and North East Valley libraries. The aim is for the students to have made their choices to begin in earnest next week. John completed the morning session with a discussion on the importance of vigilance in chess.

After lunch we read some Frindle (we must finish!!) and then set about choosing and completing introductory pattern tasks. Many of the students - Darrin, Marshall, Xanthe, Tane, Paolo, Noah O and Jayden gathered patterns from around the school; Caitlin categorised patterns, Jack and Fergus invented crazy inventions ( an inter-dimensional boomerang and a very inefficient car respectively) and found patterns in their application. Noah H and Maia used the alphabet to explore patterns and Lucy and Te Awa wrote some poetry, using patterns of course. odette is off to Vietnam for a lot of the rest of the term - we'll miss ya - have a blast, and thanks for a fantastic reflection today - big improvement (written in her folder, sadly it didn't make the blog).

Enjoy your week team - thank about your talent choices - and we'll see you next Thursday!
Ka kite,

Today we talked about rules and made our own code of conduct. Then we did some blind painting when 2 people were back to back,
1 person had to ask the other what the picture was on the board and had to draw it then we swaped over.It was fun and challenging to ask the right question.
Later on after our food break, we chose our passion and talent group for the term. Odette and I have chosen a book review and barcode one. Then we did some chess but our game was very long.
In the afternoon we did a pattern things. (eg activities)
I had a great day.
By Maia

Today I bet the computer at chess and really enjoyed playing chess. Caitlin.

Today we did blind panting it was tough because you could not see the panting but it got easier when you got to the end we also worked more on patterns

Today I bet Noah ( the other one ) at chess. We made a new code of conduct and we chose our passion project for the term. I think I will carry on with my soap opera this term.


Today I did a pattern activity with Xanthe where we had to take pictures of patterns around the school, Xanthe took most of the photos. We also played a fun game called the blind painter where we went in pairs and someone was the eyes and the other was the drawer, the asked drawer the eyes questions and the eyes answerd them after the drawer checked the photo to see if they were right with their drawing, then they swapped.


today what i found difficult today was a pattern task i had to invent some thing that became popular every 10 years i created a boomerang that came back every 10 years what i enjoyed the most today was the blind painter activity i had to sit back to back with a partner and we had to give each other instructions about what draw by Jack

today we went around the school taking pictures of patterns and did the blind painter activity.


The hardest thing today was the blind painter because it was hard to now when you are a blind painter. The thing I liked about was Patterns because it was fun to find leaves and peatls. I want to come back again because it's fun and easy.


today we made rules, did blind panting, famous person study, talent profile,chess and made patterns my favorite thing was blind painting cause Te Awa made me draw something so different to the pic i was meant to draw

Poem, poem, poems. I made a poem, it was fun because I didn't need any help. I also drew a dog with rabies. Bla Hoo!! By Te Awa

Day 2 - Kia ora koutou.

We spent the morning investigating questioning. We played the question game as a warm up then we read The Three Questions and explored the kinds of questions that were in the story. WE then had to write the three most important questions to us. We finished the morning off thinking about research skills and questioning . We talked about primary and secondary questions. We learnt that secondary questions help us unpack and find the answer to the bigger question. We brainstormed some very big questions then paired off to try and create some secondary questions. It was pretty tricky for some of us but we had some good success and it is something we will continue to practice. Next week we will try writing some secondary questions to help us research about a gifted person. In the middle of the day we did some talent profiling - we gathered information about what we liked and what we think we were good at. Next week we will start looking at talent groups we might want to be a part of. John came and talked to us about the end game of chess, then we played. In the afternoon we continued to explore definitions of patterns. We used a visual thesaurus to help us look at meanings and then we wrote some general statements of our own about patterns. When we had some free time we were able to create our computer licences. There was some great creativity shown here - once the new students realised they were free to create anything that served the purpose required.
Well done team. Looking forward to next week.

Today we started of with the question game and then had to say what are the three most important questions to us.
Then we had to think of primary questions and break them up into secondary questions it was a bit difficult but it was fun. Later in the day we played chess Odette and I versed Mr K. John helped us but we still lost! I had a great move with my knight but Odette chose a different one that proved costly : ) Maia and Odette

My favourite part of the day was thinking about me and the things I am good at and like to do. It was hard learning about secondary questions. Secondary questions are questions that help you find out your big question. Jack

Today it was hard to think of three questions that were important to me. Next week I would like to learn more about questioning. Sophie

Today I earned two pakiki dollars in advance for becoming Head of Computer Security Guard. I also made a computer license and security pass. I enjoyed chess because I made Jacob forfeit by pretending to not be paying attention to the game.


I loved making my computer licence even though I only did my draft, it was very fun because i did a drawing of a later corinthian hoplite helmet from ancient Greece. It was also very fun doing chess because i made up for my loss last week with a remarkable win against Darrin.

Today we really liked the Chess because it was really fun and we learnt lots more about Chess and we really enjoyed today. Caitlin and Lucy.
Today I had to think hard about secondary questions. Secondary questions are things that come out of a primary question that is too hard. I thought things I like to do - I want to do learn more about me. From Darrin

today i learned about patters they can change but still be the same. i all so learned about secondary questions they are a follow up question of a big question and all the little questions are like pieces of a puzzle. PAOlo
today i played charlie the duck and also today i made a computer license

today I had a game of chess with lucy it was fun because I BET HER AND I MADE A COMPUTER LICENS YEYA. I made it look like a small creature.


Today we did chess. I played crazy house chess. Today we also learned about secondary questions - they help you find out the answer to the full question. Next week I would like to learn more about how patterns can be different depending on how you look at them. Jacob.

Welcome all to the first blog of the year from Pakiki Thursday. We have had a successful first day which included getting to know one another, and meeting and being welcomed into the North East Valley Normal Primary School community. WE hit the ground running with a tech challenge - called the Macgyver. The students had to create a device to haul in a hammer, 2.5 metres away and free themselves from the concrete holding their feet in place. OUr most successful team today was Caitlin and Sophie who almost got the tool back to where they were. We investigated some quotes about talent from some gifted folks and the students unpacked the meaning and began some tasks exploring the ideas and/or the authors. This is the beginning of our thinking about talent, what it is, what it means to each of us and most importantly where we see our own talents lying and how might we nurture them. We played chess with our wonderful tutor John, and this seemed to be universally enjoyed. After lunch, we investigated patterns - trying to find out what defines a pattern. Our ideas today suggested a pattern has to repeat, have a sequence, something has to be the exactly the same or at least so similar it gives us the idea that it is the same, and has to have a purpose. We are still debating whether a pattern has to be predictable or if it can be random. Jack suggested a fractal is an example of a random pattern and this was the take home question - is it possible to say there can be a random pattern, or does its randomness mean it is not a pattern?

Thanks team for a fun first day. Underneath we have some reflections from students.

Ciao, Scott/ Mr. K
Today was our first day back at pakiki. First we learnt everyones names we did that by playing a name game. Then we quickly learnt a song because North East Valley was expecting us in the office for a warm welcome. After that we came back and did a Tech Challenge about Mac Gyver. Our aim was to retrieve a hammer 2.5 metres away we had 1 plastic bag, 8 pieces of newspaper,3 metres of tape, 3.5 metres of string and 4 paper clips. No one managed to retrieve the hammer but Caitlin and Sophie were the closest. We also wern't allowed to move our feet. After our first break we played some chess Odette won. In the after noon we talked about our main topic for the year, patterns. It was challenging because every one had different opinions but also fun.

By Maia Dean & Odette Sim:-)

today was the first day of pakiki we did chess I enjoyed it because it was challenging and we would have to think about how we would move and it is much harder than checkers

Today was my first day of Pakiki Kids, my favourite part was when we did a thing about MacGyver and we had to do make something to get the cellotape and the screwdriver. Caitilin

Today was my first day at Pakiki. We played chess it was fun but quite hard. I won once and I lost 2 times. I played against the computer 3 times. Next week I will play a human. It was hard because I forgot to change the difficulty. (Paolo) It was my first day at Pakiki, it was real fun and I played chess on the computer and I was also the first person there. It was fun because we got to go on the screen heaps. I enjoy computers. Noah O

hi all from day 1 it has been fun today cause we had to do name games and met lots of new people who we all hope will be friends soon. Today was cool because we did stuff that we would never do in normal class. I made a huge fishing rod with Lucy we made it out of paper, string, paper clips a plastic bag and 3 meters of tape. THE END Te Awa and Lucy

DARRIN - I liked Chess the most today because I almost beat Mr. K. It was challenging working out what the quotes about talent were saying. I agreed with the one that said talent needs hard work.

Today I enjoyed chess because i finally won against Marshall. I found the MacGyver challenge challenging because we did't have enough time to make something that would definately succeed.
I enjoyed chess even though Tane beat me, he proved a worthy opponent. I thought the patterns debate was a good brain excercise because everyone who said something used very deep reasoning for each image.

Today was a awesome day at Pakiki Kids especially playing chess with our tutor JOHN. He taught us again how to stalemate in every way he knew. Another awesome part of the day was making my computer license and making a design and searching on a computer.