Today Tamara and I almost finished our Game today and we tested our rules with Mr.k by playing our game, I had to re - write our questions because they were jumbled up and when they were hard they said they were easy so we fixed that and made a pouch to put the cards in that say that you have been to big ben or london bridge. we added taxi cabs to our game board to take a cab you must land on the taxi cab space and then you could ride in it. i enjoyed my passio project which is The fruit lemon this morning I found out that the scientific name for a lemon is citrus x limon.

25 / 10 / 12
Today for game time I wrote my rules. After that Mr.K tested my game, he liked it. But........ I had to rewrite the rules because they weren't complicated enough. The game must have been good because everyone who played it liked it. My game is based on Heroes of Olympus, The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. ∂®∫ø

today at pakiki my favorite part was doing my game design and doing my questions for my game and doing my student journal and thinking about what we should put in our learning journals that was my favorite part :) :) :) :)


Today my favourite was the trolley problem. It was a philosophy thought experiment and it was a life or death problem. It goes like this - you were riding in a trolley car and there were 5 workers working on the track your brakes were not working but your steering wheel was. You were going to crash into the 5 workers. There was another track leading to only 1 worker and the question was what would you do, - do nothing and run into the 5 or turn the wheel and hit the one? I choose going for the one worker because more people were would die the other way and because if you went for the 5 people you would die as well because the road still needed to be fixed and thinking about this problem was the best part of the day. Jayden

18th Oct 2012
In the morning Pakiki kids Thursday looked at consequentialism and utilitarianism.
We also found that consequentialists think that an act is only good or bad depending on the consequence.
We looked at how different perspectives can change what we think of the consequences.
Then all of us found what the maxim for utilitarianism is "the greatest good for the greatest number."
George Bates
Xanthe Maole

Today in Talent Time Abby who is doing photography, set up a black background and took some photos of fruit and then put them into her photography document. Tamara was outstanding today, she was doing her travel around the world and found accommodation in Cape town and found a $7.47 flight to Rio where she also found accommodation. So far she's been to Sydney, Ho Chi Man City, Beijing,London, Cairo, Cape Town and Rio where alltogether she's stayed so far 35/50 nights and been to 7/10 places! Jack edited his Catman and Owlboy superhero story. Odette talked to Mr K about what to do next and then decided to research how doctors 100 years treated diseases. Mia finished her appel scopture and she started to make her own flower sculpture. Abby and Tamara

Today in games everybody wrote their instructions.things we needed in our instructions were objectives,how to play,contents and how to win. I got mine finished, mr k is editing the others. By Jack

Today for chess we had a lesson about pins . It was quick but informative. In chess a pin is when something is being attacked, but cannot move or else a better piece will be taken.


This afternoon we had to brainstorm everything we knew about belief systems. At the end of the term we are going to add to our brainstorm with a different colour to see what new things we have learned. After that we got given a sheet of paper with words relating to belief systems or not. We then had to categorise the words on a sheet of paper in either relating to our belief systems or not. We had to use a dictionary to look up words we were unsure of. Some examples of words are: Beliefs,Evidence,Sceptical,Religion,Opinion,Myths,Knowledge,Value,Proof. It was quite hard to catorgise the words that we were given and we found that some words could go in both categories or at least were debatable.

By Odette and Maia